Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs - Gynaecologist and surgeon frequently asked questions)


Do I need a GP referral? 

It is generally better that your GP sees you first to make a referral. This ensures that the most suitable person sees you for your condition. Exceptions are self-funding patients with relatively
minor problems. Sometimes, it may be possible to see your GP after you have seen Ms. Kaushik first. 

Is Ms Kaushik recognised by my insurance company? 

Yes, she is recognised by all major insurance companies. If your insurance company is less well known or based abroad, please check with with her secretary, who shall confirm and if necessary assist approval.

How do I know you are a specialist? 

Ms. Kaushik is an established substantative NHS Consultant. She is also on the GMC Specialist Register. She is Member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), British Gynaecological Cancer Society (BGCS) and British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (BSCCP). In addition, she has authored many original peer reviewed scientific papers and made several presentations to learned societies on gynaecological topics.  

Who is a Gynaecological oncologist? 

Gynaecological oncologist is an obstetrician/gynecologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of women with cancer of the reproductive organs. To be more specific, the gynaecological oncologist treats cancer of the ovary, endometrium, uterus, cervix, vagina, vulva and trophoblastic disease. In order to become a gynaecological oncologist in the UK, a qualified doctor must first complete an approved 5-year speciality training in obstetrics and gynecology. Following this, he/she must complete a 2–3 year clinical fellowship in gynaecological oncology. Presently, there are 30 training programs approved by the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (RCOG) in the UK. The additional training during fellowship provides the skills needed for ideal care of women with a gynaecological cancer. Surgical skills that are acquired during fellowship include: radical pelvic surgery, advanced laparoscopic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery and urologic surgery. Most training programmes also involve a period of formal research. After satisfactory completion of the fellowship, the gynaecological oncologist may practice his/her specialty. This leads to dual certification by RCOG in both gynaecology and gynaecological oncology. Currently, there are approximately 150 gynaecological oncologists in the UK. More information can be found on the RCOG website. 

How do I make an appointment? 

For all information on how to make an appointment with Ms. Kaushik, please view the appointments page.

What happens at the initial consultation? 

Ms. Kaushik will perform a detailed assessment of your symptoms and if appropriate, a clinical examination is undertaken. A pelvic ultrasound can sometimes be organised at the same time without the need to return for another appointment. The ultrasound will be performed an experienced radiologist. If treatment is needed, the options will be discussed in detail.

How long do I have to wait for my procedure? 

The procedures are usually performed within 2-3 weeks of the initial consultation or even sooner if urgent.

What if things go wrong? 

As with most medical treatments, sometimes things do not go to plan. Fortunately, this is rare. However, if things do go wrong, you can be assured that you will not be told "just go to A&E". Following discharge, you will be provided contact numbers that you can ring anytime. You are also encouraged to ring the ward. Regardless of the time of the day, we will endeavour to resolve the problem, no matter how trivial or significant it is.

Who is the best gynaecologist for this condition? 

In the UK, we are fortunate to have excellent and highly skilled gynaecologists. Most common conditions can be treated by an accomplished doctor, who is local to you. Exceptions do exist for some certain complex procedures. If you have been encouraged to travel many hundreds of miles to have a simple procedure performed by the latest technique, you have probably been misled.

Gynaecologist And Surgeon Frequently Asked Questions

Ms. Sonali Kaushik ​MBBS MRCOG

Consultant Gy naecologist & Gynaecological Oncologist